Party well with Dublin's expert wellness event planners!

WELLHEN is a wellness event company, specialising in celebrations that provide wellness treatments and activities, which will make you feel good during and after your experience.

When you book with us, our team of experts will set up a selection of beauty treatments for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own space, with good company and surprise props, it'll be a party to remember!

We promise to leave you feeling happy, engaged and revitalised.


Give your face the gift of the glow. With our fabulous beauty therapists and handpicked products your face will be feeling refreshed and renewed following this facial!


Delight your body with a massage aimed at relaxing tight muscles & releasing tension. From softer pressure to strong pressure, the choice is yours!

Ice bath & Sauna

Awaking your zest for life with a dip in our plunge pod and a session in the steam sauna. Feel your breathing lighter, skin softer and circulation running smoother.

Manicure & Pedicure

Awaken your natural nails with a cuticle clean up and strengthening solution. Finished with a hand massage and one colour varnish.

Your hands will be soft and relaxed & nails beautiful and strong.


Begin your event, by bring awareness to your body and your mind. Put aside your stressors for this time and make the decision to enjoy and be present.

Pick a package, set the date, we'll handle the rest!

Elevate Your Package: Add Yoga for an Enriching Experience!

Our Tailored private Yoga classes are available for any package over 5 people.

Add 1 yoga class